Get Your Gas and Syrups
Delivered to Your Doorstep

9 delicious classic flavours
and all the gas you need to
make your home stay a holistay!

The SodaStream Genesis is back!
Get yours today for £49.99 £99.99

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Get Your Gas and Syrups Delivered Quickly to Your Doorstep

9 classic flavours - available online.
The SodaStream Genesis is back. Get yours today for £49.99 £99.99

sodastream machine

Get all your gas and other SodaStream essentials delivered right to your door!

Introducing SodaStream
Classic Flavours

The freedom to transform your water into a fun, sparkling drink in seconds.

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Get your gas delivered to your front door!

Spares & exchanges available online!

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A revelation and our water tastes great

"Easy Stylish Practical and well made and gives us delicious sparkling water! A wonderful piece of kit!"

Alan F.
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Turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

"Our Soda Stream has given new life to water."

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Planet Earth needs less waste and more sparkle.

Be the change: One reusable SodaStream carbonating bottle can save up to 1282 single use plastic bottles from our planet per year.

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