How can I get the best results from my Sparkling Water Maker?

We're glad you asked! Here's how to get the most out of your Sparkling Water Maker:
1. Carbonate fresh cold water only! Temperature of 39-46 °F (4-8 °C) is best, so try using water straight from the fridge.
2. Keep your bottles away from excessive heat & direct sunlight. Wash plastic bottles using lukewarm water, never wash in the dishwasher. Our glass bottles are dishwasher safe.
3. Check the expiration date of the bottles and make sure to replace them after they've outlived their bubbly life (recycle your expired bottles when replacing!).
4. The puffing noises made by the machine aren't an indication of carbonation level, only the amount of presses that you use. So feel free to Fizz as you like :)
5. Short & firm carbonation pushes (approx. 2 sec) work best.