I want to carbonate water, what should I do?

We're glad you asked, because sparkling water is kind of our thing :) To carbonate water with your sparkling water maker, follow these simple steps: 1. Fill your carbonating bottle with fresh cold tap or filtered water just to the "Fill Line" indicator. Pro-tip: keep a 2nd carbonating bottle full of tap water in the fridge so you always have a fresh bottle to carbonate. 2. Make sure you insert the carbonating bottle correctly. There will be a small gap between the bottom of the carbonating bottle and the base of the sparkling water maker when properly installed. 3. Press the carbonating button. Firm short bursts (approx. 2 sec) work best. 4. If you'd like flavoured sparkling water, add Sparkling Drink Mix to the bottle ONLY after carbonating. 5. Pour yourself a fresh glass of sparkling water and bask in the bubbles!