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I don’t want to use the online exchange service, but would prefer to go into a store.
Many of our retail partners sell gas exchanges. Please visit our Store Locator to find your nearest stockist
My cylinders have been discontinued. What are my options?
To discuss your options and special offers that are available to you, please either call our Customer Care Team on 0800 0858 373 Monday to Friday, between 8.30am and 5.00 pm or send a mail to Please have the name of your drinks maker and when it was purchased to hand.
Why do we recommend that you always have more than one cylinder?
We recommend that you keep a spare cylinder in the cupboard so that when the cylinder runs out you simply swap the cylinders and keep making sparkling water, and return the empty cylinder as you order your next gas refill.
How do I know if the cylinder is empty?
There are a number of indications that show that the cylinder is empty: When you press the carbonating button you will not see any gas going into your bottle of water. The carbonating button may stay down. The cylinder splutters showing that you have reached the end of the gas in the cylinder. If you are still unsure, simply weigh your cylinder. An empty cylinder weighs approximately 750g.
I don’t have the box that my new cylinders came in any more. What else can I use?
We recommend that you use the same box your new cylinders arrived in because we like to recycle our boxes. However, even if you don’t have it any more, that’s ok. You can return your cylinders in any packaging as long as they are securely wrapped together and you can attach your Collect+ label to the parcel.
I’ve ordered more than one and you only sent one label.
If you order more than 1 gas exchange, we expect you to return the same number as you ordered in the same parcel. Simply put the empty cylinders in one box, and stick the Collect+ label on so that you can return to your nearest Collect+ store.
How do I get a 60 litre cylinder refill(s) when the one(s) I have is/are empty?
Place an order for a 'gas exchange’ When you receive your gas refill, inside your package you will also find a Collect+ returns label. Package the empty cylinder/s up using the box your gas refills arrived in. Apply the Collect+ returns address label and take to your nearest Collect+ store, which can be found here. Collect+ will then return the cylinder to us. PLEASE NOTE: At the time you order we will charge you for a full cylinder. (Cylinder User Licence Fee and gas content). Once you return to us the empty cylinder/s you currently hold we will automatically credit you for the empty cylinder/s once we receive it in our warehouse. Payments can take 2-5 working days to show on your card. The credit will be applied to the same credit card you used for the purchase of the gas refills. Please make sure to keep your receipt for the return of the cylinder.
Why do I need to pay a deposit on my gas exchange?
RRP for the gas exchange is E12.99 - however that is only the cost of the gas. When you order a gas exchange we will add a £10 deposit on top of the cost of the gas, however as soon as we get your empty cylinders back we will refund your original payment method with the £10 deposit.
What do you mean by an exchange?
Bubbles 101: Carbonating cylinders create the bubbles. After some time, the carbonating cylinder runs out of CO2.   All you have to do is buy a new cylinder and we will deliver this to your door or a convenient Collect+ location. All you need to do is use the packaging from your new cylinder, and the postage label we will put into your parcel, and drop off at a Collect+ store. Within 5 days of us getting the empty cylinder back, we will give you a £10 refund against what you have paid (if you bought the cylinder at  We offer an exchange, in which you get a new carbonating cylinder in exchange for your empty one.