Get a FREE Sparkling Water Maker with 12 CO2 gas exchanges* in one year.
Get up to 12 CO2 exchanges, delivered to your door, PLUS a new sparkling water maker and other great benefits
Buy an annual CO2 gas exchange plan with a sparkling water maker​
Starting at £149.99
* The gas cylinder is the property of SodaStream and is delivered for consumer use under license
** Depending on the level of carbonation and your SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker
*** If you choose to finish the program ahead of time, your money will be refunded according to the payment terms and you will be charged the recommended retail price for the sparkling water maker.​
sparkling water maker
Up to 12 CO2 exchange Cylinders*
free delivery
extended warranty
discount on flavours & bottles
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Free Shipping
3 – 5 working day delivery
Extended warranty on your sparkling water maker
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All-inclusive program for One year
Up to 12 Cylinders
Starting at Starting from 41p per day
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Delivery: IN STOCK
Free Shipping
Extended Warranty
Free Shipping
Extended Warranty
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