Trade in your spare SodaStream Cylinders and get a discount on your next purchase from

We’re all about recycling at SodaStream and we’re always looking at ways to make a difference. Simply send us one or more of your empty SodaStream CO2 cylinders and we’ll send you a discount code worth £5 in return – helping you stay sparkling for less.

A great way to stay sparkling and save money

A great way to stay sparkling and save money

We make it easy for you to return your used CO2 cylinders. In a few simple steps you will be able to make some space in your kitchen and save money as well.

We are unable to refund cylinders that have not been purchased directly from us but we can offer you £5 discount code per cylinder if you do return them to us.* The discount codes can be used against future orders purchased on

How it Works

If you have one or more empty SodaStream cylinders, that fit a current sparkling water maker, you’re eligible! Simply follow the steps below:

  • Submit a request on the Contact us page
  • Complete the form and include your shipping address.
  • Wait for the Customer Care Team to provide you with your unique customer number and returns label. (please note, unauthorised returns will not be accepted).
  • Drop off at your nearest Yodel store
  • You will get a discount code for £5 for every CO2 cylinder that we receive from you (up to £25)*

** Discount codes can only be redeemed at - only one discount code can be used per purchase and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount. The discount codes can only be redeemed against CO2 refills/exchanges, water bottles, flavours, and Sparkling Water makers. Discount codes are issued at our discretion.

* Please note, that if you owe cylinders from Sparkle Savers plan, Subscription, or exchanges, then the returned cylinders will be processed against those orders before we can offer discount codes. Discount codes are issued at our discretion.