Host with the Most: How to Impress Your Guests in 3 Simple Steps

Wow your guests with SodaStream's sparkling charm, and find entertaining a breeze

Sure, dinner parties can be a daunting prospect, but with these three simple steps you’ll soon be entertaining in style – and with a minimum of stress. So if you’re wondering how you can become the host with the most, then why not try out these effortless but effective tips? Gone are the days of burned lasagna and awkward moments. A new era of refined hosting has arrived.

1. Set the mood

Atmosphere can be the difference between an elegant soirée and a disappointing dinner, but luckily for you creating the perfect ambiance is easy. First, consider your lighting. Low, soft lighting creates an intimate, sociable atmosphere where conversation sparkles. Instead of using the room’s main light, try out a combination of secondary lighting such as lamps. This will make your guests feel comfortable and at ease. Just make sure it’s not too dark – your guests will need to see what’s on their plates!

Creating a playlist is another great way to bring your dinner party to life. Music can be the perfect accompaniment to your menu and can help guests to avoid any awkward silences. And, if you’re entertaining for the holidays, you can even give your dinner party a festive touch with some carefully selected songs. But remember: the music shouldn’t be overwhelming or distracting. If you’re feeling stumped, then there’s no shame in finding a great dinner party playlist online. Oh, and a few candles always go down well.

2. Add a little sparkle with SodaStream

Nothing says sophistication like a cocktail. And with SodaStream, it’s easier than ever to create a dizzying mix of jaw-dropping cocktails at home. SodaStream offers a wide variety of delicious flavors that go perfectly with your favorite cocktail, from thirst-quenching tonics to zesty fruit syrups and colas for that perfect fizzy drink. So, if you want your guests to feel like movie stars, treat them to the drinks of their dreams. Looking for a refreshing and infinitely sippable cocktail? try a Rosemary Citrus Spritzer – infused with an aromatic mixture of lemon, orange, and rosemary, this fresh and sparkling cocktail recipe is a great way to ease your guests into an unforgettable evening. Or, treat them to a Sit Low Sip Slow Margarita,a reinvention of a timeless classic.

With SodaStream, making cocktails at home has never been easier – or as fun. It’s no wonder that 68% of SodaStream users enjoy using their sparkling water makers to entertain their guests. So if you want to add even more sparkle to your evening, give these SodaStream recipes a go.

3. Make every guest feel special

Every guest deserves to be charmed, no matter their tastes or requirements. So make sure to offer up a fun and flavorful alcohol-free option. With SodaStream, it’s easier than ever to mix up an infinite variety of cocktails and mocktails at the push of a button, and adding an alcohol-free option to the drinks menu is a must if you want all your diners to feel spoiled. This luscious summer mocktail s sure to impress your discerning guests with its full-bodied flavour and playful rosemary garnish. What’s more, if you or your guests are looking for lower-sugar alternatives, SodaStream gives you complete control over what goes into your drinks. Say hello to flavour-filled and hassle-free cocktails for everyone.

4. Bonus Tip: Relocate

If you’re looking to charm your guests, then you know that paying attention to your setting is key. Try serving your first round of sparkling cocktails outside before moving your guests inside for dinner. Or, after dinner, why not relocate to the lounge? This simple trick can completely rejuvenate the evening, while also giving it a sense of journey and allowing your guests to mingle.

So there you have it. Three simple tricks for effortless entertaining. Next time you’re celebrating the friends and family in your life, treat them to a night to remember with these chic and easy hosting hacks.


*SodaStream consumer data is based on a survey conducted by Ipsos on active users of SodaStream in various markets in March 2023.

*We advise you to drink in moderation.