The Art of Hosting a Dinner Party: Make Every Occasion Sparkle with SodaStream

Every occasion becomes a sparkling celebration with SodaStream's elegant style

There’s an art to hosting the perfect dinner party, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be easy. Your SodaStream sparkling water maker can help you unlock the elegant dinner parties of your dreams. A whole world of inspiring new flavours (and some effortless twists on old favourites) awaits you. So, whatever you’re celebrating, and whoever you’re celebrating with, follow these tips to make every occasion sparkle.

Treat your guests to an elegant cocktail

1. Treat your guests to an elegant cocktail

Stylish hosting means stylish drinks, and nothing says glamour quite like a cocktail. SodaStream offers an extensive selection of delicious flavours that pair perfectly with your favourite cocktails. From grapefruit to ginger ale, diet tonic to lemon and lime, we have a flavour for every event – and for every cocktail. And with your sparkling water maker, you can create refreshing, delicious cocktails for your guests with a minimum of fuss and plenty of fizz no matter the occasion. So get your perfect evening off to the right start, and treat your guests to the smooth and sophisticated drink of their dreams.

2.Give your guests the million-dollar treatment

Everyone likes to feel special from time to time, so if you want to elevate your guests’ experience, make sure to cater to their individual tastes and needs. With SodaStream, it’s never been easier to do so. Mixing up delicious sparkling drinks with SodaStream means YOU decide just how carbonated the drinks are. You can choose out of a wide range of SodaStream flavours, with or without sugar – so you know exactly what goes in the drinks. Plus, SodaStream offers a variety of alcohol-free cocktail recipes.

Give your guests the million-dollar treatment

3. Be present and have fun

Elegant hosting requires an elegant host, and the key to effortless, elevated entertainment is being present. So ditch the dishes and spend some time with your guests! After all, they’re here to see you. If you’re looking to mix things up even more, then why not get them involved? Plan some stylish activities to add even more sparkle to the occasion. For example, with SodaStream’s variety of flavours and mixers, your guests are free to discover their own perfect cocktail. So combine style with fun and give your guests (and yourself) an evening to remember. There’s a reason why 68% of SodaStream users say they use their sparkling water maker to entertain their guests. Your sparkling water maker could be just the thing to spark conversation and elevate your evening.

With these three effortless but effective hosting tips, you’ll be able to master the art of entertaining. SodaStream can help you shake up your dinner party routine, ensuring every event gets the inspiration and elegance it deserves. The stylish dinner parties of your dreams can now be a reality. So, whether you’re celebrating something special or just welcoming in the weekend with some friends, make every occasion sparkle with SodaStream.



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