Sparkling Water Makers

Stay hydrated Stay hydrated

Fresh sparkling water just the way you like it

Save the planet Save the planet

Live sustainably by reducing single-use plastic

Goodbye to carrying heavy plastic bottles Goodbye to carrying heavy plastic bottles

No more carrying heavy plastic bottles

Limitless Taste Limitless Taste

Endless healthy, delicious beverage options

Best Sparkling Water Makers

Turn tap water into exciting sparkling water with a SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker. Make fun drinks at home as this water carbonator enables you to transform your water at the push of a button.

Add fruit or flavour after using the sparkling water machine and enjoy thirst-quenching hydration.

SodaStream’s sparkling water makers also look amazing in your home with their stylish, sleek design taking up minimal space whilst standing out in the kitchen.

Carbonate water effortlessly and help save the planet as a SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker will help reduce your single-use plastic intake as you cut down on thousands of plastic bottles a year.